Friday, February 4, 2011

It is what it is

& this is it. I have finally got my new website, HERBLACKBIRD.ORG, mostly up & gotten this blog sort of situated enough where I can start posting on it. I still have some work to do on the boxes to the right, but I will get to those eventually. I've been so very busy with a crazy life, crazy hobbies, crazy rehearsal schedules for a musical & just plain everything! I am definitely feeling tuckered out lately. But I am enjoying everything. I just have a lot going on.

I really wanted to have the new site. I loved HEREAFTERTHIS.ORG, but it was time for a change. It was good for me at the time. I feel like I am growing & moving beyond a lot of things. Don't take that as "getting over it", but to a point where I do feel some sort of peace again. Granted it's small & is an often fleeting feeling .. but it's there. I can wake up in the morning some days & be okay. Just okay though.

Anyway, I will have the site up & running at full capacity in the next few days. Have to find time & sit here to make a few things, put together the site content & work on all the links. Part of it is motivation & the other is just plain being tired.

I'm going to go check out some free/cheap ideas for date night since we are a bit low on money this week & we still want to go do something together. I do have an amazing honey. :)